Is the Irish Hills Real

My new series is set in Irish Hills, Michigan. And I’m getting questions is it a real place? The answer is yes and no.

Map of where I placed fictional Irish Hills in the middle of the REAL region of Irish Hills.

The Irish Hills in Michigan is a region. It is located in the southeast part of the state. Just like in the book there are over fifty kettle lakes in the area. But, there is no town of Irish Hills! I’ve added a picture of the map I used to create my fictional town. It’s pinned to the corkboard next to my desk. I made up the town so I could put streets and businesses where I needed them for the story.

That said throughout Sandbar Sisters and in the entire series, you’ll see references to places that do exist. There are a few links down there about the region if you’d like to learn more about the beautiful Irish Hills area in Michigan.