She ran away from Irish Hills to find fame and fortune. Now she's back and she's hiding from both.

Goldie Hayes took risks, sacrificed love, and kept secrets to rise to the top in Hollywood. In an instant it all comes crashing down. She's at the center of a Tinseltown scandal, with her career in free fall. Her only choice is to hide until things blow over. Luckily for her Irish Hills is the perfect place to disappear. Goldie finds respite and reconnects with her old friends, the Sandbar Sisters. Her hardened heart starts to melt when surrounded by people who love her for herself, not for her famous face. But Goldie's holding back. She's given up too much for her career to let it fade away in the lazy lake town. Still, the love and laughter in this little town has this superstar worrying that the price of fame might be too high. A budding romance, a gorgeous old hotel, and the support of the best friends she ever had could be the key to finding real happiness. But does opening her heart mean giving up her dreams?

Return to Irish Hills where sun-soaked memories, cherished friendships, sisterhood, and sweet possibilities for second-chance romance are around every corner.

Sandbar Summer is the third book in the Summer Cottage Series that follows the heartwarming stories of Libby Quinn, her friends, family, and summer visitors to the beaches of Irish Hills. If you like a touch of sweet romance, flip-flops, and sun on your shoulders, you’ll love Sandbar Summer. Pick a spot on the pontoon boat and spend the summer with old friends and gentle laughs.

Fans of Elin Hildebrand, Pamela Kelley, Rachel Hannah, Evelyn Hugo, and Hope Holloway will love this second chance at the beach women’s fiction.