A Sandbar Sister faces the toughest season of her life.

Can sun, sand, and a second chance heal her body and soul?

Return to Irish Hills where sun-soaked memories, cherished friendships, sisterhood, and sweet possibilities for second-chance romance are around every corner.

Vivian Blackwood has been through the wringer. The scans say all clear, but is she really? Over the last year, her life has centered around fighting cancer and worrying if she could win. Now her doctors say she's okay. But doubt and fear are ruining what should be the best time of her life. That's when her daughter, Siena steps in. Siena has made a deal for both of them to start fresh in Irish Hills. Siena has devoted herself to bringing back her mother's love of life. To Viv's dismay, Siena has set aside her own dreams for her mom's.

Enter the Sandbar Sisters. Libby, Hope, Goldie, and J.J. circle the wagons around the last Sandbar Sister to come back to the lake of their childhood. The bonds of friendship and the spark of new romance may be just what the doctor ordered for Viv.

But just as the dream of a new Irish Hills is about to come true, a dark cloud threatens the future they've worked together to build.

Sandbar Storm is the fourth book in the Summer Cottage Series that follows the heartwarming stories of Libby Quinn, her friends, family, and summer visitors to the beaches of Irish Hills. If you like a touch of sweet romance, flip-flops, and sun on your shoulders, you’ll love Sandbar Storm. Pick a spot on the pontoon boat and spend the summer with old friends and gentle laughs.

Fans of Elin Hildebrand, Pamela Kelley, Rachel Hannah, Dorothea Benton Frank, and Hope Holloway will love this second chance at the beach women’s fiction.