The beach of her childhood may hold the keys to the second chance of her dreams.

On the cusp of her fiftieth birthday Libby Quinn’s Pinterest perfect life has turned into a disaster. When her husband leaves with all her money, Libby is left broke, alone, and unemployable. A surprise invitation from her aunt to enjoy a retreat at the family's old summer beach house could be the balm she needs.

The first moment the warm breeze blows in her hair, sun-soaked memories, cherished friendships, and an old flame begin to remind Libby of who she used to be. The best times of her life were at the beach house but the past also holds a secret that Libby has buried for decades. Libby will have to combine the fearless girl she once was with the woman she’s become to fight for her piece of paradise.

Warm sand, sun, and a second chance is there for the taking if Libby can repair her shattered confidence enough to see it.

Sandbar Sisters is the first book in the Summer Cottage Series that follows the heartwarming stories of Libby Quinn, her friends, family, and summer visitors to the beaches of Irish Hills. If you like sweet romance, flip flops, and sun on your shoulders, you’ll love Sandbar Sisters. Pick a spot on the pontoon boat and spend the summer with old friends and gentle laughs.

Fans of Elin Hilderbrand, Pamela Kelley, Rachel Hanna, Dorothea Benton Frank, and Hope Holloway will love this second chance at the beach women’s fiction.